Aural Fabric
15 Jul 2016 » Aural Fabric
What is an Aural Fabric?
Hengling Music Boxes
15 Jul 2016 » Hengling Music Boxes
Explaining in-situ making
25 Jul 2015 » wat
An Audio-Visual Exploration of Chaotic 2-Dimensional Dynamical Systems
Residency with the Human Harp
My experience with the Human Harp project.
15 Jan 2014 » Odette
The Augmented Broom
09 Sep 2013 » The Augmented Broom
The broom that makes music
An architect in a CAVE
Immersive Virtual Environment
Memorial Modernism
29 Jan 2012 » Memorial Modernism
Legacy of architectural experiments
VVVV for music performance
Algorithmic creatures for Jazz music


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