Figure 1: Wat

An Audio-Visual Exploration of Chaotic 2-Dimensional Dynamical Systems (Or ‘Wat’). We would like to develop a 2D or 3D visualization based on Continuous Cellular Automata with various evolving rulesets, and sonify the result in a musical way. The core principle involves applying a matrix of mathematical operations (generally non-linear functions) to an image specifying the starting conditions. We apply our operation matrix my sliding it across the image (as in convolution) and applying the operation in each element of the matrix to the corresponding element in the image matrix. The result is complex evolving, moving, unpredictable textures which can be sonified with the right method. Furthermore, the rules of the system can be ‘performed’ by varying the operation set and coefficients in real time through some sort of input.

Developed during during the second [Gen.AV – Hackathon] (http://www.gen-av.org/gen-av-2/) on Generative Audiovisuals (25-26 July 2015, London Music Hackspace and Goldsmiths, University of London).

In collaboration with Christian Heinrichs and Bogdan Vera

WAT code