Little Bell for Villa Pennisi

In August 2013 I took part in Villa Pennisi in Musica Workshop 2013. The team gave me the honour to design the lamp to be used by pianist Mº Campanella during the evening concert. I received advice by Lighting Designer Filippo Cannata on how to modulate the light correctly to avoid glaring effects and illuminate only the piano keyboard and the music sheet. I have used grasshopper in Rhino to model the final shape which is also inspired by the name of the maestro: Campanella in Italian means “Little Bell” and the lamp adopts the profiles of a Bell. We applied holes on the above layer, closer to the light to avoid overheating of the PLA material, use to 3D print the parts. The curved shape was divided in 12 + 12 pieces to be assembled together in an interplay of mutual forces, and jointed by pushing the above layer into the lower ring. Every pieces was 3D printed by a rep rap on site, managed by Davide Ercolano. We discovered that avoiding the internal filling we could leave only the external walls of the piece, achieving more transparency and saving material. The pieces were designed to stand flat on one side, although having a curved profile and section. The design and the printing took about 5 days in total.

Pictures by Daniele Lancia (apart from the daylight one, by me).